Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: The Library

The kids and I go to our local library 2-3 times a week. In no apparent order, here are the top ten reasons that I love the library.

1) Free entertainment. Caleb loves going to the library, and I can often bribe him to be good while shopping with a trip to the library afterward. It's also a great place to go to get out of the house when we have cabin fever.
2) Story time. The kids and I go most Wednesday mornings, and they love it.
3) Proximity. I left my house at 9:54 this morning, and we still made it to the library in time for story time at 10:00.
4) Putting items on reserve. I look for books online at home at my convenience, click a button to request them, and then pick them up at my local branch.
5) Movies. Our library has a great selection of kids' DVDs, and their adult DVD collection is getting better.
6) Friendly librarians. Several of the librarians at my branch know the kids and I by name and make a point to speak to the kids.
7) Magazines. I can check out magazines from the previous month. I especially like to grab several magazines before a vacation.
8) Good selection of Christian books. I used to buy a TON of Christian fiction because buying it was the only way to get to read it. Now our library carries many Christian fiction books, which I love.
9) Down loadable kids' videos. Our library has several video version of kids' books for download on their website. They can be watched on the computer.
10) Cookbooks. There is a great selection of cookbooks at my branch. I have been grabbing one a week or so to try new recipes.

Using the library works for me!


Lynn said...

I am also in love with the library. My favorite discovery of recent years is that if there's a newish book out that I want to read and the library doesn't have it, I can request they consider purchasing it. Probably 2 out of 3times, they end up ordering it. And then I get to indulge in my reading fanaticism for free :)

Oma and Opa said...

I love libraries too....took the kids there a lot too. And my love for libraries have now extended to being our Christian School Librarian. And it's fun to work with the kids all day. (by the way, the high schoolers are hanging out in my library at lunch time...must be that comfort zone thing...)Sometimes there's 50 kids in there!